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Quality Spare Parts specializes in supplying Scania and Volvo Truck Parts to clients in Namibia and other parts of Southern Africa.

In Africa and Namibia, trucks are traveling long distances and have to withstand severe conditions. Therefore the durability and reliability of each individual component of truck parts sold in Southern Africa, is of the utmost importance.

Quality Spare Parts provide and sell Scania and Volvo new replacement truck parts of the highest product quality.

Quality, service and the best possible price is what we attempt to deliver to our customers at all times.

Scania and Volvo
Used Truck Parts, Namibia

We are focusing on supplying the full range of Scania and Volvo used truck parts. We supply to clients all over Namibia and also to other Southern African countries.

We supply pre-owned parts for:
Cabin and Body Parts
Differentials and Axles

Scania and Volvo
Replacement Truck Parts

We are offering the best quality replacement truck parts at very competitive prices to serve our customers with trust and satisfaction.
Our range includes:

Cooling Systems
Fuel Systems
Exhaust Systems
Propeller Shafts

Brake Systems
Hubs & Wheels
Electrical Systems
Cabin & Body Parts

Our main supplier on Scania and Volvo replacement truck parts is Cosibo.

Cosibo is located in Italy and are a leader in the production and marketing of spare parts for heavy vehicles which are alternative and interchangeable with the original ones.

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